Media on tablet


  • The library is an internet access point, with public Wi-Fi (available 24/7).
  • 12 public computers are available for public use.
  • Printing and copying is available at $0.10 per page for black and white and $0.50 per page for color.
  • Faxing, scanning to email, and scanning to a data storage device is available at no cost.

*The library’s designated agent to receive notifications of claimed copyright infringement is Lisa Johnson, library director. Email Lisa or call 712-707-4302. This agent is also listed in DMCA Designated Agent Directory.

Library Services

The Public Library would like to help you maintain your personal library. While we cannot guarantee results, we have found these devices to be incredibly valuable in maintaining the public library we all enjoy:

  • For $2 per item, we can resurface DVDs and CDs with our LCD Eco Pro machine.
  • For $3 per book, we can attempt to repair old spines with our Cover One machine and repair torn pages with a glue designed for the job.
  • As a preventative measure, we can also cover your books for $1 per foot of laminate required.
  • We can laminate documents for $0.50 for an 8.5 x 11 size pouch or $1.00 for an 11 x 17 size pouch.
  • Use our Die Cutter for free!